The 51st State

“Mike” posts the following to Atrios:

Democrats need to counter with a proposal to eliminate Wyoming’s congressional representation. Since DC has no voice in Congress, Dems argue that Wyoming shouldn’t either, since DC has more people. Also, DC is overwhelmingly Democratic, so it’s only fair that an overwhelmingly GOP state lose its voice. The real goal, of course, is to get two Senators and a Congressman from DC.

Disenfranchising Wyoming would have the added benefit of pissing off Cheney when he retires and goes back home. (I picture a retired Cheney like the dog in the David Lynch comic strip who is so angry he cannot move and it makes me laugh, for some reason.

But seriously, what about a concerted push by Dems for DC statehood? This website looks like a good place to start. And we who are fortunate enough to be enfranchised American citizens could certainly petition our elected reps to take up the issue (again).