JON SOBEL – BASS GUITAR (Discography & Samples)


Start the player to hear an MP3 of me playing with various bands, or right-click here if you’d prefer to download the file. Crank it up to hear the bass!


Below are some of the many recordings on which I’ve played bass over the years.
Various Artists:
Joni Mitchell’s Blue: a 40th Anniversary Celebration (2012)
I’m Not the Road (2012)
Dan Aaron:
Across A Cold Black Velvet Sky (2010)
Meg Braun:
Tomboy Princess (2009)
Decoster (2009)
John Scarpulla:
Blue Ruin (2008)
Some Other Place (2006)
Bobby Stewart:
Live in New Amsterdam (2003)
Halley DeVestern:
Superhero Killer (2003)
Lori Behrman:
Lori Behrman (2003)
Erica Smith:
Friend or Foe (2002)
Halley DeVestern:
Sugar Free (1997)
Additional recording credits from last century:
• Ronnie Crepeau: Outside Looking In
• Johnny Walker: Shoes
• There’s more, but who remembers?

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