“Bang One Out” EP Lyrics

EP: Bang One Out (2019) by WHISPERADO
Lyrics ©2019 by Jon Sobel (Jonathan Oren Music, BMI)


Hey hey Jim, I know it’s been a really really long long time
But hey hey Jim, will you lend me the bear suit one more time?
It’s Halloween, an awful scene,
The streets are closed and the kids are mean
Plain old me’s got too much worry
I gotta get bigger and brown and furry

Hey hey Jim, good old Duke’s Bar is long long gone
Hey hey Jim, nothing there now but a Target and a Cinnabon
But out on the avenue somebody’s grabbin’ you
You’ve felt this too, hey hey Jim, haven’t you
Plain old me ain’t got no parachute
If I’m gonna stick it, gonna need that bear suit

One more Halloween
Really not my scene
Gotta put on the bear
Hey look over there
A body godlike without compare
In the devil’s underwear

Hey hey Jim, remember the old rundown neighborhood
Muggers and bandits and burglars above, wharf rats underfoot
The beat-up wrecks you used to collect
The brokedown dreams of an architect
We were always costumes in the end
But it felt like freedom, didn’t it, old friend?

One more Halloween…

So come on Jim, can I wear the bear suit once more please?
You still got it, don’t you man, in a garage somewhere in Queens?
Halloween’s here on a weekend this year
The city’s a cauldron of cobblestone fear
The hunter’s calling his murderous tune
So lend me the suit and I’ll swallow the moon

One more Halloween…


You’re lyin’ – and I know it
Everything about you show it
You take a shower – brush your teeth – but I can
Tell what’s goin’ down underneath
Leave early – work late
Now here you come, fumblin’ at the gate
Weekend comes – same old dance
Waterin’ somebody else’s plants

Your nose – just keeps on growin’
Like a big ol’ garden weed
Your lies – your lies tell me
All the truth I need

I seen the pictures – I seen the texts
I seen the last one – this one – and the next
You got your passwords – you got your shadow
But you got no idea how much I know
I know about this one – I know about that one
I seen the tall one – the short one – and the fat one
I pay the bills – you play around
And then you tell me – to just calm down

Your nose – just keeps on growin’…


Just don’t ask and I won’t have to tell you
Mrs. Trask won’t be on that plane
Got these handy ways to kill you
I just laugh and scrub the stain
Just pretend you lost the number
Just don’t call and hear the news

Yeah, I’m gonna bang one out for the four on the floor
Twist and shout for another score more
Sing my song for another fool war
Are you with me sister? Are you with me brother?

I’m the last one on the runway
I’m your castle in the sky
I’m a shattered church on Sunday
I will stand by you and watch you cry
Just pretend nothing ever happened
In the end, it’s just one more 12-bar blues

Yeah, I’m gonna bang one out for the four on the floor…

Painted faces on the Common
Eighty-eights in Idaho
Cooking hate and marching to the shaman
Bombs away – and we gotta go
Go on back to that warm place that you came from
Take your time, but you might as well leave your shoes

Yeah, I’m gonna bang out for the four on the floor…