His Highness Hollywood

Celebrity blogger Dawn Olsen (of Glosslip) and I attended a preview of investigative journalist Ian Halperin’s new documentary, His Highness Hollywood, at the National Arts Club last night. Unfortunately a technical problem interrupted the film and we ended up settling for an earlier cut, which was still rough around the edges, but it was still quite amusing – and not just amusing, for in addition to skewering the easy target of Hollywood wannabe-stars, Halperin penetrates the scary world of Scientology.

In attendance was celebrity biographer Andrew Morton, here discussing his new Tom Cruise bio with Dawn. (Hence the Scientology connection.)


Here’s Ian Halperin introducing the film:


And just for fun, here’s Dawn and me in one of those trying-to-take-a-picture-of-yourself photos. Goofy charm, or just plain silly? You decide.


One thought on “His Highness Hollywood”

  1. Jon I couldn’t have asked for a more pleasurable date. Not only were you super fun to be with, but you made bad red wine seem really sophisticated. Thank you for the tour of the NAC. Eric and I will coming to the city, we will get together with you and the little lady!

    I will post my review and pics tomorrow.

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