City Dictionary, Pt. 2

Building [bild-ing]noun

  1. Something I could have bought for $9 in 1940*
  2. [archaic] Robot-shaped building blocks

Here are several buildings. These happen to be along Sixth Avenue in New York, but they are everywhere.


Car [kahr]noun – [from Celtic “carus” (monkey)]

  1. A large wheeled monkey, usually transported upon one’s back.

Chrysler [Kris-ler]noun – [orig. obscure, poss. from OMG “How very large!”]

  1. A very large building
  2. A specific East Side skyscraper, rumored to have had been built with a fortune made in the large-wheeled-monkey business

Below is a construction site where a new building is going up. In front of the building you will notice an oversized rat. Here at The Bagel and the Rat, we know rats, and this isn’t just any specimen, it’s an authentic sighting of the Giant Inflatable Rat, a well-known New York City labor union icon.


Conversation [kon-ver-sey-shuhn]noun – [from Latin “converse” (shoe)]

  1. An exchange of information about real estate, i.e. buildings

*Apologies to Jackie Mason.