OK, so it doesn’t always rain in Connecticut. This weekend we traveled to Quinnipiac University where Elisa sang the national anthem before the men’s ice hockey game against St. Lawrence University. Here’s a fabulous action shot. I was thinking beforehand if I should have placed a bet on my favorite team with FanDuel… I may have to next time!


In the event, the Bobcats fought St. Lawrence to a 2-2 tie. (And fight they did.) But halfway through the game we had to leave, to drive up Route 10 for our gig at Jitters in Southington. Not a spot of rain the whole time. Not much traffic, either. Same on the way home. My spidey sense was tingling. We left late, yet arrived early. The Jitters coffee didn’t taste quite the same as last time. The price of gas seemed to rise and fall over the course of a few hours. The small but friendly audience actually paid attention to our songs, even listening to the words. Strains of “Don’t Stop Believing” welled up through a mysterious gap in the space-time continuum. What was up? I had to find out.

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