The Further Parking Adventures of a Neophyte Manhattanite

When I was little, Fortunately was one of my favorite books. Tonight’s parking adventure put me in mind of it.

Unfortunately, I had to give up my nice, nearby parking spot today to take my car in for its annual safety inspection, which, as a practicing procrastinator, I had put off till the end of the month.

Fortunately, after I picked up the car and got home, I saw plenty of parking spaces.

Unfortunately, tomorrow is Halloween, and some of the spots were illegal Wednesday. Something to do with the Greenwich Village Halloween parade, I expect. I wouldn’t know. Halloween is a night I stay home, sitting in the dark, quiet as a mouse’s ghost.


Fortunately, further away from Sixth Avenue the Halloween preparation madness let up and there were some parking spaces.

Unfortunately, the reason there were spaces was that Thursday parking was verboten because of a Law and Order shoot.


Fortunately, this Thursday is something called “All Saints Day,” which must be something like Veterans’ Day but for saints, but which, for my purposes, means alternate side parking regulations will be suspended, which means that if I can find another Friday-OK spot, it’ll be Thursday-OK too, which means I won’t have to move the car again all week.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t find a spot on the proper side because of Law and Order (see Unfortunately above).

Fortunately, Law and Order only needs two streets, not the entire neighborhood. I found a Thursday-OK spot a few blocks further away than usual.

Unfortunately, all of this made me miss the wine tasting at Union Square Wines.