Kudos for Hugos

Back in the 1970s, as I avidly read my precious paperback copies of the Isaac Asimov-edited Hugo Award Winners (Volume 1, Volume 2, ad adstra infinitum), I naturally imagined that someday I’d be a great science fiction writer with no dandruff. But I had a much more powerful and urgent dream: that I’d grow up and play in a country-rock band alongside a recipient of a Hugo Award in the Best Professional Editor (Long Form) category. Now, at last, my lifelong dream has come true!

Patrick in Japan

Patrick Nielsen Hayden has won this year’s Hugo for editing some books that were apparently really good. Reading them would be the neighborly thing to do. I must get around to that. However, I’m sure Patrick’s having written “Invisible Hand” for Whisperado must have also had something to do with the award.

Congratulations to Patrick!